Strikingly Beautiful And Gentle Demeanor

There is something extra special about Gamebirds that is hard to articulate. Anyone who has raised Pheasants and Quail know exactly what we're talking about. Although they have more of a wild instinct compared to domesticated chickens, both Pheasants and Quail also have something in them that brings peace and tranquility to your yard or aviary. Maybe it's the way they forage. Rather rush you when you have treats, they'd much rather look and scratch at their leisure. Upon enough human interaction, certain Pheasants may begin to accept hand-feeding them.

Whether it's for keeping Gamebirds in aviaries for their beauty or for a commercial business so that we can have sustainable hunting, both Pheasants and Quail will be sure to not disappoint. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to

Green Pheasant Male in Bush

Healthy and Beautiful Birds

Over the years, we've purchased many varities of chickens, pheasants, and quail [from Überchic]. The birds grew into beautiful specimens. We thoroughly enjoy their company as well as their eggs.

Jim O'Toole (Derry, NH USA)

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