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Wood Duck Ducklings
Wood Duck Drake Flying
Wood Ducks Swimming
Wood Duck Pairs Winter

Success Story About Conservation

At one point, the North American Wood Duck was once known as the "Carolina Duck" due to the fact that at that point in history, the Wood Duck was a threatened species and was only found in North and South Carolina. Since then, an immense drive to save the Wood Duck has yielded a successful return to many numbers.

Even though the Wood Duck is currently listed as "LC" or "Least Concern" on the Red List, thousands of hunters every year find the Wood Duck as their prize. The Wood Duck also happens to be a delicious culinary conquest. We don't frown upon hunting, since hunters are typically concerned with wildlife conservancy as well, but it is apparent that without properly breeding and releasing Wood Ducks into the wild and into hunting grounds, we could find ourselves calling them the Carolina Duck once more. Let's not have that happen!

To help the species, we at Überchic Ranch have procured a diverse gene pool so that the best quality Wood Ducks are being bred under our care. Whether you're interested in restocking your hunting ground, wildlife conservancy, or for your own private aviary, Überchic Ranch is prepared to provide you with this striking waterfowl...the elegant Wood Duck.

  • Peaceful
  • Colorful
  • Beautiful
  • Alert
  • Most Ornate
  • Elegant
  • Striking
  • Excellent Pedigree
  • Starter Waterfowl
  • Easy to Breed
  • Flight-Capable

Excellent Tolerance

The Wood Duck does well in harsh Winter climates due to naturally being adaptive throughout the United States. The Wood Duck also copes well in smaller enclosures and aviaries.

Alert and Inquisitive Demeanor

The always alert Wood Duck may be timid at first, but would eventually be interested in you once they know you give treats. They aren't as wild or aggressive as other species of waterfowl.

Community Birds

If the Wood Duck has enough space requirements and is placed with other community birds, you will find a peaceful aviary.

Healthy and Beautiful Birds

Over the years, we've purchased many varities of chickens, pheasants, and quail [from Überchic]. The birds grew into beautiful specimens. We thoroughly enjoy their company as well as their eggs.

Jim O'Toole (Derry, NH USA)

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