An Experience Like No Other

Überchic Ranch, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is not your usual operation. It's because we're not your usual farmer. Although we are blessed to have acres of land which includes a virgin forest and bubbling brook, we are still facing urbanization and modernity. As a result, we have to think progressively with a truly sustainable solution. This is accomplished through the permaculture lifestyle.

Farming doesn't have to always end up with muddy pens, long hours, and back-breaking work. Our facilities run on solar power. This helps with many things — including automation. We pride ourselves in "wanting not, wasting not." With the use of the most sophisticated technology, Überchic Ranch will produce quality animal and plant products and services.

We are not gypsies flying by night. Nay! We have over 50+ combined years experience with animals, including veterinary experience. We also attract many talented individuals, including a 40+ years experienced landscape architect that has a true mastery of his craft. Überchic Ranch is dedicated to making positive change throughout the agricultural industry as well as increase the quality of life for humanity. They say it takes a village... Together, we will make it happen.

Our Mission Statement

Überchic Ranch will develop and distribute quality agriculture with pasture-driven methods through permaculture, with the conservation and propagation of rare and endangered gamebirds, waterfowl, and poultry, to instill our society with the education necessary for sustaining our world food security.

Our Vision Statement

We are stewards of the Earth. Rather having a society where we harbor death and decay due to a compromising agricultural system that constitutes poor health, with our passion and charity, we will provide high quality food to all for livelihood, hunting, and hobby. As a result, we will better humanity through pasture-driven permaculture methods so that we retain our health and maintain our freedom. As service leaders, we will continue the legacy of our forefathers so that humanity will overcome the tyranny of our modern societies and suppressed agricultural systems; above all, under God.

  • On-site Operators
  • Acres of Land
  • Virgin Forest
  • Wild Flowers and Berries
  • Honey Hives
  • Solar Powered

Quick Facts About Überchic Ranch

gallon pond
watt system
square foot facilities

Message from the Manager

Guy Stivers

Master Landscape Architect

Stivers & Associates

Even after 40 years in the landscaping industry, there is still much to learn. Presently, there is a revolution; people want better quality of life, especially with food! With that being said, each year about 1,000 new families begin their backyard flock — and hundreds of thousands more join the permaculture lifestyle.

It is with great pleasure that I extend my knowledge and experience to an already talented group of people at Überchic Ranch. We are a truly passionate breed of people that have a common interest of bettering humanity. Please never hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments. Here's to a better life through permaculture!

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