Bobwhite Quail male
Bobwhite Quail Covey in the Winter
Bobwhite Quail Male in the Winter

On the Decline: the Bobwhite

The Bobwhite Quail is the most abundant quail out of all of the North American quail. There are even subpecies and other species of Bobwhite, such as the Yucatan Bobwhite. However, hunters are noticing how Bobwhites are not as numerous as they once were. Is it urbanization? Pollution? Deforestation? Well, deforestation is out since the Bobwhite is a very adaptive species, being found in wintery forests to arid deserts. This culprit is more elusive than most causes. After much research, we have stumbled upon the truth of the matter of...parasites!

Apparently, there is this specific type of parasite that is causing the Bobwhite numbers to decline at an alarming rate. It is a type of eyeworm that attaches itself to the back of the Bobwhite's eyeballs. Field&Stream magazine has written an article that can be read here. The State of Texas has noticed the numbers declining as well. In fact, Northeastern Bobwhite numbers throughout the eastern half of the United States have declined. This is why we at Überchic Ranch are dedicating time to participate in breeding programs for the Northeastern Bobwhite Quail.

To help the species, we have procured a diverse gene pool so that the best quality Northeastern Bobwhite Quails are being bred under our care. Whether you're interested in restocking your hunting ground, wildlife conservancy, or for your own private aviary, Überchic Ranch is prepared to provide you with this all-American favorite.

  • Peaceful
  • Striking
  • Resilient
  • Alert
  • Camouflaging Plumage
  • Excellent Pedigree
  • Starter Quail
  • Easy to Breed
  • Flight-Capable

Excellent Resiliency

The Northeastern Bobwhite Quail does well in harsh Winter climates, as well as arid deserts, due to naturally being adaptive throughout the United States and Mexico.

Alert and Inquisitive Demeanor

The always alert Northeastern Bobwhite may be timid at first, but would eventually be interested in you once they know you give treats. They aren't as wild or aggressive as other species of quail.

Community Birds

If the Northeastern Bobwhite has enough space requirements and is placed with other community birds, you will find a peaceful aviary.

Healthy and Beautiful Birds

Over the years, we've purchased many varities of chickens, pheasants, and quail [from Überchic]. The birds grew into beautiful specimens. We thoroughly enjoy their company as well as their eggs.

Jim O'Toole (Derry, NH USA)

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