Juvenile Chickens for sale
Juvenile Chickens for sale
Juvenile Chickens for sale
Juvenile Chickens for sale

Various Breeds Available

Besides our conservation efforts with various birds both wild and dometicated, we also raise juvenile chickens for the backyard enthusiast. The breeds we carry are typically either excellent egg layers, meat producers, or dual purpose (meaning excellent in both egg and meat production). Residents throughout New England have the benefit of picking up their juvenile chickens for sale in Massachusetts.

Every juvenile chicken is not fed medicated grain, no antibiotics are administered, and is not confined in buildings. Our juvenile chickens are pastured, meaning they get to range. Further to note is they are also grass-fed. This is important to know because a "free-range" chicken may not necessarily be grass-fed, just as "organic" doesn't imply they are ranging / pastured and / or grass-fed. Although we hatch our own birds, we are not a hatchery! Hatcheries don't raise juvenile birds even if they sell juvenile birds through their website. They are merely brokers. So, expect very healthy birds that will produce quality eggs and meat the way nature intended it to be! It's a difference you can taste and see. That's the Überchic Ranch way!

Even though our availability changes frequently, we attempt to keep our inventory as accurate as possible. We input into our system the exact numbers of how many juvenile birds of each breed are available. If a breed is marked "Sold Out" then we do not have any available for sale at that time, but you can be placed on an Availability Reminder list, which gets emailed when a breed is once again available. Just because we may be sold out at that moment does not mean we are sold out for the year. If of course you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contactus@uberchicranch.com.

  • NO Antibiotics
  • NO Medicated Feed
  • NO Confinement
  • Pastured
  • Grass-Fed
  • Natural
  • Excellent Egg Production
  • Excellent Meat Production
  • Excellent Dual Purpose

Free Ranged, Pastured, and Grass-Fed

Our started juvenile chickens are not confined into buildings. They are sun-kissed rangers!

Excellent Egg Layers and / or Meat Producers

We've successfully raised these breeds for many years. They are some of our favorite chicken breeds for both egg and meat production.

Local Pick Up or Shipping Available

New England residents are welcomed for local pick ups. Shipping is available to all 50 States in the USA. 'Merica!

Healthy and Beautiful Birds

Over the years, we've purchased many varities of chickens, pheasants, and quail [from Überchic]. The birds grew into beautiful specimens. We thoroughly enjoy their company as well as their eggs.

Jim O'Toole (Derry, NH USA)

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