Golden Pheasant Pair
Golden Pheasant Hen
Golden Pheasant Male Juvenile
Golden Pheasant Hen
Golden Pheasant Hen
Golden Pheasant in Chinese Art
Golden Pheasant in Chinese Art

Golden Pheasant Arises

The Golden Pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus, also known as "Red Golden Pheasant," is known as one of the most beautiful, most ornate pheasants of the world. The Golden Pheasant is originally from the mountainous areas of Central China and is seen depicted on various ancient Chinese art, sometimes embodying the Phoenix. This is the natural creature that inspired the legend of the Phoenix. Just like the Phoenix, the Golden Pheasant is a shy creature that is rarely seen in the wild. It is amazing to think that with every color of the rainbow, the Golden Pheasant still manages to be elusive. According to the legend of the Phoenix, if a Phoenix were to reveal itself to you, then it says much about the integrity of your gentle soul.

Consequently, due to its natural beauty, the Golden Pheasant was captured and delivered to the King of England where it was instantly declared a "thing of royalty." Years later, Thomas Jefferson kept some breeding pairs of Golden Pheasants on site at his Monticello in Virginia. The Golden Pheasant, to put it plainly, was a smash hit among the noble.

For centuries, the Golden Pheasant has been enjoyed by countless bird lovers. Unfortunately for the Golden Pheasant, deforestation and urbanization have caused its numbers to decline in the wild. However, the Red List lists the Golden Pheasant as "LC" or "Least Concern" due to it's numbers in captivity. We actually professionally disagree with this assessment; the reason being that hundreds of unethical bird breeders have crossedbred the Golden Pheasants with the Lady Amherst Pheasant, Chrysolophus amherstiae, just to see what other color combinations would "come out" in order to justify a higher price of sale. As a result, an estimated 90% of Golden Pheasants in captivity carry the Lady Amherst gene which ultimately takes away from what nature did best...the original Golden Pheasant, rather how it's known as the "Red Golden Pheasant" in captivity.

You can rest assured that we at Überchic Ranch carry the best quality Golden Pheasants from recent imports straight from China. In fact, our breeding stock is the same genetic line as featured at the world-famous San Diego Zoo in San Diego, CA. Be sure to add these high-pedigree pheasants to your noble collection.

  • Stunning
  • All Colors of the Rainbow
  • Timid
  • Curious
  • Most Ornate
  • Excellent Pedigree
  • Chinese Imports
  • Pure Genetics
  • Beautiful
  • Starter Pheasants
  • Easy to Breed
  • Noble

Excellent Tolerance

The Golden Pheasant does well in harsh Winter climates due to naturally being from snowy mountainous regions. The Golden Pheasant also copes well in smaller enclosures and aviaries.

Shy and Curious Demeanor

The Golden Pheasant may be timid at first, but would eventually be interested in you once they know you give treats. They aren't as wild or aggressive as other species of pheasants.

Community Birds

If the Golden Pheasant has enough space requirementes and is placed with other community birds, you will find a peaceful aviary.

Healthy and Beautiful Birds

Over the years, we've purchased many varities of chickens, pheasants, and quail [from Überchic]. The birds grew into beautiful specimens. We thoroughly enjoy their company as well as their eggs.

Jim O'Toole (Derry, NH USA)

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